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. Saranghae 2012 Anneyong 2013! .

Even I'll turn 20 soon I'll never forget my 19 years then. Thanks 19. I love you so much dear. You teach me many things! You give me the real meaning of life :* 

xoxo ; Tapai

*Memories Lasting Forever.

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. Memories Come Once and It'll Always Be A Memories .

. My Classmate. Lovely Classmate 5PPN.

What are meaning of Memories? Do you know? Oh oh oh. I don't ever know it. But, I pretend that I know what are the meaning of memories. hehehe. I just don't know how to describe. That's all. hewhewhew. Btw, here I want share to you, what I got on my form 5. Why I choose form 5? Because, to me form 5 is the best year ever! Trust me. hehehe.

Okay, lets start :')

. Me At The Rooftop .

Be a senior is not difficult as everyone said before. To me, senior year is the best year. Because in this we everyone become a good friend. No stranger. For me that's it.

In this year, that time I get an education at Tengku Ampuan Afzan Technical Secondary School, Bentong, Pahang. In this school also I starting know what are the meaning of friendship. I'm starting know what we call of friendship since I'm found them. Who are they? Ohh, my group in this school. We call it theHEPY. Why? Because that time everyone spell Happy with HEPY. So, we just use that word HEPY for our group name.

. Cik Fyka. Our Leader .

. The Members ; Azul, Opis, Fifi, Fyka, Tasha, Me .

In this group, we have 6 members, all girl. No need a boy on our group. That time we like a siblings. A best siblings that I've at that school from 5 school that I've been go. *byk gila* hehehe. Okay. Our leader is Fyka. Student from Polytechnical Merlimau, Melaka. Her assitant *I guess is Azul we call her Zue. *I don't know what I supposed to call she/he. HAHAHA. And other members is me. Zafirah Rostam graduated student from Sulaiman Secondary School as form 6 student. Next, Norafifi Zalami, Student from UiTM Dungun. Natasha Kairol, Student from UniSel and the last but not least Siti Saufiah, Student of ........... heee *can't remember. So there the members. We come from same course and same class except Tasya. She in different class. We take Business Management. And guess what now who still continue our course? Only Fifi and Fyka. Other member just continue with there own way. hewhewhew.

 . At The Rooftop .

Guess what, for the first I'm climb roof top. Our hostel roof top. That time I feel like Wahhhh~ heaven! I'm never feel free like this. We climb. We eat. We sleep together. And in the morning we overshoot our dawn and our addition class for SPM. AHAH. No one noticed we is not there. hehehe. We go to additional class with sleepy face. Ugly face and we get breakfast with Maggi. HAHA. Because of that we famous! Now, our rooftop have been climb with our junior. Our super junior, super hyper junior and that's be a tradition activity. How could that's happen. That's our place! hehehe. I miss that time more than my word :'( miss the old us T.T sobs sobs sobs.

Okay. As usual, if have girlfriend we also need a boyfriend right? hewhewhew. First of all, We know each other starting MySpace. How great that time. Huahuahua. That time we still use MySpace, Friendster and etc. I'm start adore him since he sing a song at competion of Technical Idol. Ohh, that time I feel melting when I hear his voice. How can he get that beauty voice. He sing a song Ampunkan Aku by Defgabc. huhu. Starting that I find him. Who is he? Where he come from? Why for that 2 years I never found him? And suddenly I meet him. What a destiny. hehehe. And that time I ask a help from my roommate to search about him and that time my roommate said. I know about him! Ohh heaven, I know about him! How lucky I am. And I think that time I want to flirting him. But, when I think about it, no need to do that. Hee. So, I add his MySpace and guess what? He accept me and he know me. HAHA. How famous I'm that time *perasan! huhu. So starting that we know each other and we change our phone number and guess what? He propose me to be his girlfriend on 10.7.2010. That time I'm not at school, I go to Malacca for school trip. And for the first time I got shamed for meet my boyfriend. Woho~ Our relay only lasted for 8 month. Huuu~ We break-up for our mistake. Not his mistake or my mistake. And now, we still contact each other for being a good friend :') His name is Solihi bin Nazaruddin. We call him Sod. And, he also have give me a big teddy bear for our monthverserry. I give that teddy bear LatLat for his name :D

. Us, That's My Teddy That I Use It To Be My Pillow All My Night. Tysm for give this .

. Dewan Makan Asrama .


. Our First Date ; Temerloh, Pahang .

This is my entry after we break-up ; Go To Post. Another one post.

Okayy. That time I feel like annoy gila sebab gilakan laki and kejarkan laki. Biaq lha orang nk kate kite ni gatai ka gedik ka desperate ka, yg psti kita dpt die at the last. Am I right? So that's what I do that time. Not now. Now, I just be a girl that waiting a prince for come to my life *bajed ade org nak!

. My Group. Me at the center. The ugly one -_- .

And in this senior year also, for the first time I dance a traditional dance in my life. I dance on Teacher's Day. I feel like Perempuan Melayu Terakhir that time. Because  I've to wear a Kebaya. Guess what? I never wear a Kebaya for my life and that's also first time in my life. What a shame! A fat girl wearing Kebaya! God! hahaha. mesti korg tgh bygkn feera time tuu kan? Malu doe! Serious malu gilaaa! Tawakal jea mase buad tarian tuu. Huhu. And guess what? So many people like our performance because our performance mix with all cute teacher :3

This is the post what happen on my result day :') Click Here V.V

Ohh, kalau nk cerita semua pasal mase form 5 dulu, mmg tk hbis lha kan? But, I think that time is the best time I got in my life. I love my form 5 life. Trust me!
xoxo ;