*Wish List 2012

Hello, Annyeong heyy, this night I want to share about my Wish List in 2012 that will come in this Sunday :D Goshh, cannot wait, I'll be 19 not 18 anymore =00= Dah besar rupenye fyraa ni, hehe, Okay, this my wish list :D

# Own Nikon DSLR/ Canon EOS
# New Phone
# Own mixer and oven
# Get a rent house
# Good Student in STPM
# Do the best in life
# Loyalty person
# Love only for Safuan
# Go Pangkor Island with friend
# Make parents proud
# Meet my Boy at PD in March
# Make he proud of me
# Own style in wearing Pashmina
# Make own skin

Okay, that's all. Don't forget to join my segment.

To all participant, Please Take Note ;
You will be rejected when you all not follow my Terms and Condition Okay?! I know when you follow my rules or not okay dear? Wanna a gift right? Follow the rules first lah :D
Sorry for bad english.
Sincerely ; Fyraa♥

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