*Chinese New Year

*Miss You A Lot Insyirah :']

Hello-II HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! pom pom pom pom, tuu lah bunyi yang fyraa dgr hari-II dari melaka smpi lah ke KL. What?! Melaka? Yes M-E-L-A-K-A! Huhu, What's happen at MELAKA?? Many thing has been happen and I'm happy with it, very happy :] See our start journey :]

Day 1 *21 January 2012*

8.00 am ; Start the engine, going to malacca, I drive the car! Wud-II :]
10.30 am ; We have been arrive at Jusco, Malacca ;]
11.15 am ; My father call and said *we in different car and we arrive first* "Ateh, cari kedai DSLR, abi nak beli harini." Ohh demm! I'm very shock! grrrr, huhu.
11.45am ; We found that store and we start discuss with that malay guy and my father said want to buy it, we buy EOS Digital Canon, red colour.

My father said this is because we buy in Chinese New Year :]
12.15pm ; We go in to Jusco for buy my brother's shirt.
1.30pm ; We start again our journey to my grandma house.
2.15pm ; We arrive.
3.30pm ; Everybody sleep tightly :b

Day 2 *22 January 2012*

7.00am ; We *Omar's Family go to Anjung Batu, Serkam for get the boat to go Pulau Besar, Melaka.
7.30am ; We start our journey in ferry *mabuk tahu x[
8.00am ; We arrive and we get the van for go to our place. That van is same like in Indonesian van. I like it :]
9.15am ; We already change our clothes and get ready to jump into the island :] *My skin was get sunburn :'(
2.00pm ; We finish our activities and wash our body properly. We pray zohor+asar. We get lunch and our parents sleep together-II in their own khemah.
3.30pm ; My uncle and my cousin including me, go to stall to get something to drink.
4.00pm ; We all already packing our stuff and wait for that van to go to jeti :]
5.00pm ; We get our boat. That time we like want fight with each other!
5.45pm ; We arrive to Serkam back, and I get the car and I drive :]
6.15pm ; We get in to our grandmother house and wait for toilet to shower our body again.

Day 3 *23 January 2012*

8.30am ; We wake up and get ready to back to KL.
9.30am ; We start our journey.
10.00am ; My father ask me to go my aunt house.
11.00am ; After get a meal, we continue our journey.
12.00pm ; My brother get sleepy and he ask me to drive because he can't continue.

2.30pm ; We arrive to KL and we go to Wangsa Walk Megamall to get lunch at Little Wok Kitchen but that restaurant is closed :'(
3.30pm ; We bck to our house, we tired and get sleep :]

Warhhh, fyraa bajed pandai speaking. bluuueeekkk! Geli nyah! Btw, it is for my practice in writing for march MUET exam :] I hope I get band 3 not 2 anymore :')
Hidup ni kan, ade kala nya best, ade kala nya bosan, ade kala nya happy dan sedih. Tapi kita kene pegang kepada hukum Allah, bahawa hidup ini cuma sekali. So, we have to change our life to be a better human at Allah eye's :]
I'm Proud to be a Muslim <3 Okaylah. Igt! Hidup ni tak lama. Allah takkan mengubah naseb hambanya jika die sendiri tidak mengubahnya! Kamashida ;]
Sincerely ; Fyraa♥

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