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Hello ebelibadi. //comeikan rabbit kat atas tuu ;] How are you? Fine? How about your day? Good? Want to know about my day? Today is my great day. Serious tak tipu. Mwehehe. Petang tadi start pukul 3.30 pm until 5 pm, Pergi driving class. Start minggu depan saye kene start kelas kereta pulak. Goshhh, takud kud. Balik-II dari driving school, dalam kereta ummi cakap yang die dpt call dari teman die, suruh saye kerja seminggu ni dengan saye. Mwehehe. Dapat money bhaiii! Saye tanye ummi, kerja ape? Tahu die jawab ape? BABYSITTER ! Gooshhhhh! Arghhh, takminat kud. Tapi takpelah, asalkan ade income untuk cuti sekolah ni. Nak g date senang. Dapat RM50 pun jadilah kankankan? Atleast ade duitkan ? Mwehehe. Dah-II, merapu je. Okay, refer to my title, Best Quote ? I get from my friend exbf . Die post ni kat wall die ;
Everyday, I Wait For A Text
Everyday I See You I Wait For A Hello
Everyday I Check My Facebook To See If You Wrote On My Wall
Everyday I Tell My Friends How Much I Adore You
Everyday I Find Myself Let Down
But Everyday I Still Find Hope
Regular heartbeat : /\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_
When I'm with you : /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
When I lost you : /\__________________________________
Its hard to make you happy
But i will try to make you happy
Till the end . i promise ♥
Love is hard to find but once you find it you won't regret it . seriously :)
i love you more than anything
i would give you the world in a heartbeat if i could
i would take a bullet for you anyday
I never found the words to say , you're the one i think about each day
Loving her is the best thing yet,
missing her is something I'll never regret,
Losing her will be hard to accept,
but seeing her with him is most painful yet
Boy: hey honey ♥
Girl: hey
Boy: how was your day? :)
Girl: what's it to you? :(
Boy: did i do something wrong :o
Girl: no :l
Boy: then whats wrong :s
Girl: i hate you
If loving you is wrong , Then let me be wrong forever
Being true to yourself is better than being a liar just to impress everyone
I wont say " I'll never make you cry " :)
But I'll make you smile before our tears get dry ♥
I won't say " I'll never tell u a lie " :)
But If I do, I will do it for a reason & some day I'll tell u why ♥
I don't say " we'll never have a fight " :)
But I'll say I'm really sorry when I realize u were right ♥
I don't say " Life together will be easy & bright " :)
But when things get tough ,
I'll hold you tight to me ♥
I got nothing more to say :)
I got nothing more to prove ♥
But Always remember....
♥ I love you forever sayang ♥
Girl: Talk to her..
Boy: She won't like me..
Girl: She will..
Boy: How do you know?
Girl: Because you're amazing..
Boy: I love her., but she won't love me back..
Girl: Just tell her..
Boy: Okay.. I love you..
Girl: I love you too.. Are you gonna talk to her?
Boy: I just did.. ♥ ♥ ♥
I Promise , I'll never Leave you.
A little voice of yours makes me feel alive
A little hug of yours makes me feel happy
A little care of yours makes me feel perfect
A little love of yours makes me feel Complete
And a little ignorance of yours kills me inside
I find my reason for living in those moments
Which I have spent in your care , with u
Now whatever pain I may get
I will never regret loving You :')
Air mata kerana sahabat 1 pengorbanan,
Air mata kerana ibu bapa 1 penghormatan,
Air mata kerana kekasih 1 penyesalan,
Air mata kerana Allah 1 keberkatan ♥

dah, tuu je. Bnyk kan ? kesah pulak! HAHA , Thanks too Aliff Izham for this Quote. Okay, thanks for read ! Bhaiii ;]

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